The 10 Things They Never Tell You About Building a Gaming PC

Even though there are many PC building tutorials available on YouTube that makes assembling a PC looks easy but it is actually not that easy and there are some things that they don’t tell you and there is actually a high chance of something going wrong like BIOS updates refused to download or components not fitting the place there were supposed to go.

If you’re someone who is thinking of building a PC and it’s your first time, then there are 10 things we think you should know before finally spending your hard-earned money.

1. Choosing components is hard

Choosing what components is right for your build is not that easy as they told you, with so many options of the different manufacturing company available in the market it can be hard to choose what’s right for you, or if you should go with expensive one or the one that’s in your budget. Also, you have to research the compatibility of each product before finally spending your money.

2. But over-spending is easy 

Every time you’ll decide what components you’re going to buy for your first PC you’ll find out that you can get a better component by adding just 50$ or more, and it can cause some confusion so it’s better to decide what are you building your PC for, stick to the necessary components and do some research on how much does a PC cost.

3. It’s okay to take a shortcut 

If you’re confused about some compatibility issue or can’t seem to find the right combination of the product and if you’re getting things like CPU, Ram, and Motherboards in a package deal then it’s okay to go with one.

4. Everything is in extremely short supply

Covid pandemic has really affected the manufacturing of Chips and on top of that thanks to the crypto mining right now it is very hard to find the CPUs and GPUs you’re looking for, or even if you find one it’s really hard to get it at market price.

5. Buy good tools 

In many tutorials video, they’ll tell you that you just need a screwdriver but that is not entirely true while you can get many things done just with the screwdriver or even build a whole PC if you’re experienced in it but if you’re a newbie then what you’ll need is Size 2 Phillips screwdriver with a shaft at least 10cm long and a magnetic head.

6. You have to be tidy

What many PC building guides don’t make clear is how many Screws and Cables you have to take care of while building a PC. it’s important that you take care of everything in order and don’t take anything unnecessary out of the box until you need to.

7. Nothing is ever completely compatible

It’s better to have a better understanding of the PC casing you’re going to use because sometimes you’ll see that things doesn’t fit where they are supposed to and it can cause massive confusion.

8. Plan ahead 

You should always plan ahead and visualize everything in your mind like where everything is supposed to go, that way you won’t get confused while practically building it.

9. Let there be (a lot of) light

One thing you should definitely do is keep a head-mounted torch angling inside the PC case because there is so much dark in there that it can be really hard to put every screw correctly.

10. Once you’ve finished, you’ll want to build another

The feeling you get after building your PC is so amazing that you’ll want to build another, and it won’t be your last PC build you’ll make sure to keep it updated.

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